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Concrete Sonar Inspection San Bernardino County

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection San Bernardino County?

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection San Bernardino County?

Sometimes people come to us in search of concrete sonar inspection San Bernardino County. Technically, we don’t offer sonar imaging, which involves the use of sound waves. However, we do offer a service that achieves the same result: concrete radar. Concrete radar uses electromagnetic pulses rather than sound waves to detect and map objects. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably as the principle of the technology is similar.

Locating Utilities with Concrete Sonar Inspection San Bernardino County

Before you cut through or knock down any part of a concrete wall, floor, ceiling, or slab, you need to get a clear picture of what may lie within or behind that concrete. This can be achieved through the use of a concrete radar or concrete sonar inspection San Bernardino County from Subsurface Imaging. Once our skilled radar technicians have marked the location of various utility conduits, you’ll know exactly where it is and isn’t safe to cut the concrete during your project.

Conducting Building Studies

Concrete imaging can also be used to detect other things besides utilities, such as rebar or structural steel. When engineers or architects need to double check the structural integrity of a building and ensure that it was built according to the blueprints, they commission building studies from Subsurface Imaging. Using a combination of concrete X-ray and concrete radar equipment, we can map all subsurface objects located within a predetermined sample area. Our map will show:

  • Rebar size
  • Rebar shape (square or round)
  • Depth of structural steel
  • Spacing of supports
  • Location of any post tension cables

The data we compile can be used to run calculations relating to the building’s strength and integrity, as well as to guide decisions as to how additions or renovations may be made.

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