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Concrete Core Drilling San Bernardino County

Core Drilling San Bernardino County

In addition to our trusted concrete imaging services, Subsurface Imaging is proud to offer our clients quality concrete core drilling services for concrete walls, beams, ceilings, and slabs. Core drilling San Bernardino County can be used to:

  • Extract samples for testing
  • Create pathways for:
    • Electrical wiring
    • Fiber optic and data cables
    • Pipes
    • Ventilation ducts
    • Fire protection
  • Cut pilot holes, floor boxes, and cable slots
  • Cut holes from ½ inch to 72 inches in diameter
  • Cut holes up to 30 inches deep

How Core Drilling San Bernardino County Works

Concrete core drilling is accomplished through the use of special electric or hydraulic drills equipped with bits specifically designed to cut perfectly smooth, round holes in concrete. These drill bits are steel tubes tipped with diamond abrasives on the drilling end. Basically, we just fire up the drilling equipment and let the drill bit chew through the concrete with very little muss or fuss. We can perform concrete core drilling San Bernardino County on horizontal or vertical surfaces, enabling you to cut holes or create conduits just about anywhere in your structure.

Why Choose Subsurface Imaging

Besides our superior concrete imaging and concrete core drilling skills, our dedication to lightning-fast turnaround times, and our commitment to safety, one thing that sets Subsurface Imaging apart from the competition is the fact that we offer both inspection and concrete coring services. This helps our clients avoid the scheduling conflicts, miscommunications, and other hassles that come with working with two separate contractors for these services. We can respond to changes in your concrete core drilling plans as they occur, helping you to get quick and thorough concrete x-ray or concrete inspections of drilling sites so that your core drilling project can move ahead on schedule.

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