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Demolition in North Orange County CA

Concrete demolition in North Orange County CA is fast and easy with our help.

DemolitionDo you have a demolition project in the works? Whether you need to tear out a concrete pillar or wall section for a remodeling project or tear up an entire concrete floor, we can help you choose the right tools and techniques for a fast and affordable concrete demolition in North Orange County CA.

Laborers and Electric Demolition Tools

If you are working in a residential area where noise may be a concern, we can provide laborers and electric demolition tools for a quiet and minimally messy demolition process. Our skilled workers know all the tricks for manual concrete demolition in North Orange County CA, like:

  • Digging behind or under a concrete slab to weaken it, then using a sledgehammer to break it up
  • Scoring a thick slab with a handsaw before attacking with a sledgehammer
  • Using a flat saw or handsaw to cut the concrete into pieces for clean and easy removal
  • Using a jackhammer to break up slabs

Operated Skid-Steer Bobcat

Larger projects may need more than manpower. In this case, we can offer concrete demolition in North Orange County CA with an operated skid-steer Bobcat.

  • Equipped with a hydraulic breaker for demolition of floors and slabs
  • Useful for large-scale waste collection and disposal

We Can Help You Prep for Hard & Soft Demolition

Whether your concrete demolition in North Orange County CA involves interior build-out materials (soft demolition) or structural materials (hard demolition), you are going to need to prep for the project by locating your utility lines and other elements that may be hidden beneath various concrete surfaces. Subsurface Imaging can help with this need. We have expert imaging teams that can use x-ray and radar technology to locate metal pipes, cables, structural steel, plastic conduits, voids, and more. We’ll clearly mark gas lines and other utilities for you so demolition crews don’t accidentally damage them.

Get Your Concrete Demolition in North Orange County CA Started

We can typically complete an imaging project in 24 to 72 hours of your call and then immediately launch the concrete demolition phase of the project. Call now to get the process started. We promise to get rid of whatever concrete you want gone in a cost-effective manner and leave your property nice and clean.

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