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Concrete Removal in North Orange County CA

Get your concrete imaging and concrete removal in North Orange County CA from one contractor

Concrete RemovalLooking for help with concrete removal? Whether you have a precise portion to remove or want a whole structure gone, Subsurface Imaging can help. We provide expert service for every task involved in concrete removal in North Orange County CA, from the initial utility locating to the actual cutting to cleanup. Save time, money, and hassle by working with one single company for all these services.

Options for Concrete Removal in North Orange County CA

Whatever your concrete removal needs, we have the tools needed to complete the job in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Coring: When you need to cut a hole for running wiring, cable, pipe, or ductwork, Subsurface Imaging can provide targeted concrete removal in North Orange County CA using our core driller. We can remove plugs of concrete up to 30 inches deep and 0.5 to 72 inches across.
  • Cutting: When you need to install a door, window, drain, or other large opening in a concrete surface, we can handle the job with ease. We have a variety of saw cutting tools available for use on different thickness of concrete.
  • Demolition: When you need to completely remove a wall, a floor, or an entire structure, ask for our concrete demolition services. We maintain strict safety standards on our demolition sites and we promise to provide very thorough debris cleanup and removal services when work is complete.

Make Sure You Remove the Right Concrete

Accidentally cutting through structural steel, ductwork, or cable during a concrete removal in North Orange County CA can be disastrous. With Subsurface Imaging on the job, you don’t have to worry about these types of problems. We employ expert concrete imaging technicians who can locate utility lines, structural steel, etc. using x-ray or radar equipment. You can rest assured any subsurface elements will be marked clearly to protect them from accidental damage during the concrete removal in North Orange County CA.

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