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Concrete Core Drilling Los Angeles County

Core Drilling Los Angeles County

In addition to our trusted concrete imaging services, Subsurface Imaging is proud to offer our clients quality concrete core drilling services for concrete walls, beams, ceilings, and slabs. Core drilling Los Angeles County can be used to:

  • Extract samples for testing
  • Create pathways for:
    • Electrical wiring
    • Fiber optic and data cables
    • Pipes
    • Ventilation ducts
    • Fire protection
  • Cut pilot holes, floor boxes, and cable slots
  • Cut holes from ½ inch to 72 inches in diameter
  • Cut holes up to 30 inches deep

How Core Drilling Los Angeles County Works

In order to remove a sample of concrete for testing or cut a perfectly round and smooth hole in a concrete structure, special diamond-tipped drill bits are used. These drill bits are hollow tubes rather than solid cylinders, so they can bore through concrete quickly and create a big hole with very little mess. We can do concrete core drilling Los Angeles County on vertical or horizontal surfaces, using lifts or scaffolding if required.

Why Choose Subsurface Imaging

Subsurface Imaging is able to save clients time and money because one call to us gets you both inspections and concrete coring services. When you have the same contractor handling inspections and drilling, you can rest assured that the job will get done right the first time. Our experienced concrete imaging technicians will pave the way for our concrete core drilling team, using radar or x-rays to choose drill sites that are free of structural steel, cables, and conduits. This ensures that no vital elements will be accidentally cut during the drilling process.

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