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Saw Cutting in Calabasas CA

We are masters of all tools & techniques for saw cutting in Calabasas CA

Saw CuttingWhen it comes to saw cutting in Calabasas CA, the type of blade used can affect the timing and cost of the project. Fortunately, at Subsurface Imaging we employ highly skilled and experienced workers who are experts in all kinds of cutting tools and techniques. With the size, shape, and number of cuts in mind, they’ll determine which saws to use to get the work done without going over budget or getting behind schedule.

Gas Operated & Electric Flat Saws

Gas operated flat saws are the workhorse of saw cutting in Calabasas CA. However, in some cases the fumes they emit can create a safety hazard, in which case we will use a comparable electric flat saw instead.

  • Easiest, cleanest, cheapest, and quietest way to cut concrete floors
  • Can cut up to 30 inches deep

Gas Operated Chainsaw

Gas operated chainsaws give us the flexibility to cut through deep concreate and to create curved cuts.

  • Creates square-cut corners on door and window openings without overcuts
  • Can cut concrete 12 to 24 inches thick depending on model
  • Great option for openings less than 14x14 inches in thick concrete
  • Only option for curved cuts

Gas Operated Ringsaw

We also have gas operated ring saws to use as an alternative to a flat saw or handsaw when greater speed or portability is required.

  • Can cut concrete up to 10 inches thick
  • Very powerful and fast cuts
  • No time lost installing rails on wall cuts
  • Good for cramped spaces where a flat saw or wall saw won’t fit

Gas Operated Handsaw

Flat saws are all well and good for cutting concrete floors, but when walls, stairs, or individual concrete blocks need to be cut a gas operated handsaw is quite convenient.

  • Great for long, shallow cuts up to 10 inches deep
  • Can be used as a guide for chainsaw work
  • Good for cramped spaces where a flat saw or wall saw won’t fit
  • Can cut dry if needed

Why Choose Us for Saw Cutting in Calabasas CA

Before you proceed with concrete saw cutting in Calabasas CA, you need to learn what’s beneath the surface of that concrete with concrete imaging. When you work with Subsurface Imaging, both the imaging and cutting portions of your project will get done quickly and accurately. We will make sure the information gleaned from the imaging gets transferred to the cutting crew immediately so you don’t have to worry about the sort of communication delays and scheduling complications you might have when working with separate contractors for imaging and saw cutting in Calabasas CA. Our owners are extremely accessible and keep a close eye on every project, so you know we will take excellent care of all your needs.

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