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Concrete Removal in Calabasas CA

Get your concrete imaging and concrete removal in Calabasas CA from one contractor

Concrete RemovalWhether you need a little concrete cut away or a whole section demolished, Subsurface Imaging is the company to call. Our highly skilled workers can handle your concrete removal in Calabasas CA every step of the way, from initial imaging and locating to concrete cutting and debris disposal. Save time, money, and hassle by working with one single company for all these services.

Options for Concrete Removal in Calabasas CA

Our skilled crews can handle all kinds of concrete removal needs.

  • Coring: When you need to cut a hole for running wiring, cable, pipe, or ductwork, Subsurface Imaging can provide targeted concrete removal in Calabasas CA using our core driller. We can remove plugs of concrete up to 30 inches deep and 0.5 to 72 inches across.
  • Cutting: When you need to install a door, window, drain, or other large opening in a concrete surface, we can handle the job with ease. We have a variety of saw cutting tools available for use on different thickness of concrete.
  • Demolition: Want all the concrete in a structure gone? We offer professional demolition services that come with thorough debris cleanup.

Make Sure You Remove the Right Concrete

During a concrete removal in Calabasas CA, the last thing you need is accidental damage to subsurface elements like gas lines delaying your project and putting your structure at risk. At Subsurface Imaging, we make sure this doesn’t happen on your project. We can provide a complete range concrete imaging services including x-ray and radar to ensure all hidden elements are properly located before work begins. And because our imaging techs and our concrete removal specialists come from the same company, you can rest assured that the information will be communicated quickly and clearly so your concrete removal in Calabasas CA can begin right away.

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